Replace your wallet

We've all done it before, shoving our cash and cards in the back of our phone case to the point where the case doesn't even fit on your phone anymore. But now, you can have your whole life in your hand, without the annoyance of a bulging phone. The Callet is a phone cover and wallet, all in one! It has been strategically engineered to take up a minimal amount of space when you're out on the town so you don't have to carry around such a bulky phone. The specially designed slots are perfect for your cash and credit cards and come in different colors for both iPhone and Blackberry models. So pick up this product, it is perfect the gym, shopping or a night out!

Love Heals

This past weekend in the Hamptons was one of the biggest party weekends of the summer because Love Heals held their 12th Annual Benefit at Luna Farms in Sagaponack, NY. Over 600 people showed up including a host of celebrities, all to benefit this amazing cause. Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education, empowers young people in the fight against HIV. Since its launch, the foundation has reached more than 400,000 young people across the NYC metropolitan area. All proceeds raised at the event were donated to this cause to raise awareness and gather more people in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The Coney Island theme had everyone involved in carnival-like activities like skeeball and ring toss where  gigantic stuffed animals were the big prizes. There was a photo booth set up by Patron which was my favorite thing of the evening because it made you look like you were on a roller coaster with people screaming in exhilation. Party hits spun by DJ M.O.S had everyone dancing the night away including Russell Simmons, model Hilary Rhoda and hockey player Sean Avery. The party was an absolute blast and Love Heals should be proud of all of the foundation's amazing accomplishments.