Modern Romance | Pretty Poison - No Tears 7

Feeling fiesty today, so here's a second post, hot off the press. Contained within we have an early 7'' (red flexi-disc!) from Philadelphia's Pretty Poison, also covered here. You can expect the same (surprisingly and very pleasantly) dark sounds here, which should go without saying for those familiar with the excellent Tuxedomoon original. Seriously, this cover is BLISTERING, a nice take on the already great original, supplemented with a two minute percussive piece.

I didn't have time to take a snapshot of the record, but it's just a red flexi in a sleeve. Use your imaginations! I'll likely post a photo as time allows, but otherwise, enjoy.

Pretty Poison- No Tears 7''

1. No Tears

2. Sakii

Just one more early Pretty Poison release to go. Drop a line if you happen to have a copy of this one!

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