Lifestyle | Glenn Winter - Bruna Hundars Död K7

Here's a very rare cassette from Glenn Winter, courtesy of the ever-stellar Sean McBride. I was only familiar with this fantastic Swedish minimal synth artist via "Herrens Svar," which appears on the near flawless Orgelvärk compilation, an absolute must-hear for any self-respecting minimal synth fan. This particular tape hails from 1986 and features several tracks in the same vein. Tor Sigvardson of 18:e Oktober (a similarly amazing project) plays bass on track 6. Definitely don't pass on this one, folks!

Glenn Winter- Bruna Hundars Död K7

1. Prins Reimon

2. Vägg

3. 23:49

4. Beat

5. Slow-Sleep

6. En Diskussion

7. Bruna Hundars Död

8. Around And Around

9. Born To Loose

10. Fields

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